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We provide up to date nutrition consultations on a variety of different nutrition aspects. 

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Midwell Dietitians are a group of dynamic young dietitians, committed to go the extra mile in bringing you evidence-based but practical advise! The team at Midwell Dietitians provides up to date nutrition consultations on a variety of different nutrition aspects.

Now with practices in Middelburg and Witbank.

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Vitality Wellness Days

We are available for corporate Vitality Wellness Days, with a nurse, optometrist and
biokineticist. We assist in getting your clients to the ever- elusive Gold status right within one day.

Centre For Diabetes And Endocrinology (CDE)

As a qualified CDE dietitian, you can visit us for your yearly consultation. We go the extra mile to
ensure your blood glucose targets are realistic, achieved and maintained

DNAlysis Consultations

If you are looking for nutrigenomic testing to assess your genetic predisposition to certain disease,
we are certified DNAlysis providers and will assist you throughout this journey.

The OPTIFAST® VLCDTM Program is designed to totally replace your normal food intake in the dietary management of obesity. The OPTIFAST® VLCDTM products contain carbohydrates, fatty acids and protein, which help preserve lean body mass (muscle) while you lose your fat stores. They also contain vitamins and minerals to ensure that you are receiving all the nutrients you require.

For more information on the OPTIFAST® VLCDTM Program, please speak to your Midwell dietitian.

Prenatal classes aim to answer your many questions. How can I ensure a good and healthy pregnancy? Natural or Caesarean? What is new in pain relief? Should I breastfeed? Which bottle or formula? Why is my baby crying? How much and when should my baby sleep? What is postnatal depression?

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, alone or scared. It takes a village to raise a child… Midwell Bubbas will be part of your village!

René Janse van Rensburg

B.Dietetics (UP), PG DIP DM (USW), Dipl in Magazine Journalism (SAWC)


San-Mari de Jager

B.Sc Dietetics (NWU


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